About Us

We are located in the scenic Texas Hill Country where the Annual Blanco Lavender Festival is held each year in June.

Nearby Johnson City is the boyhood home of President Lyndon Johnson and the location of The LBJ State Park and the National Historic Park in Stonewall includes the Ranch Whitehouse which is available for tours.

Fredericksburg, famous for its antiques and German Culture is just 50 miles west of us and offers an authentic Hill Country shopping and dining experience that includes many new wineries.

The Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center at Driftwood and dozens of Texas wineries, vineyards and peach orchards will make any visit a unique travel experience.

Excerpts from newspaper stories featuring Maggie Lambeth, Rare Books, Maps and Prints:

Blanco (Pop. 1248) is a passing strange place to establish what many book connoisseurs think is a five-star stop on any reader's treasure map. Maggie Lambeth's is a trove for collectors of rare books and Texana. - Billy Porterfield, The Austin American Statesman

Maggie is an unusual case, in that she runs the kind of personal bookstore that helps preserve the traditions of Texas writing. Dealers like her, perform a vital role. They know what's good writing and what isn't, and they do more to keep Texas history alive than most historians. They'll never get rich, but you can sit down and talk about any Texas writer and they'll know who you're talking about. - A. C. Greene, The Dallas Morning News

From somewhere in the back of beyond - in the Hill Country between Blanco and Henley - Maggie Lambeth conducts a thriving business in rare books, specializing in Texas and the Southwest. She lingers over the obscure trivia of her curiosities, the pieces of rescued memory. Here is an engraving of Sam Houston, the autograph of David Burnet, president of the Republic, an early 19th century drawing of the mustangs of South Texas. Lightly brushing a finger across the preserving glass, she says, "They hunted them, the little Spanish ponies that were wild." She also has the rare W. H. Emory Boundary Survey from 1857 which contains the large folding map of the lands won in the War with Mexico. Michael Barrett, San Antonio Express-News